Costs and Complexity of Devices Continue to Rise

Prosthetics (artificial limbs) and Orthotics (support bracing) have helped accelerate the rehabilitation of many patients. However, with advances in the design of these devices, the cost of providing P&O care to members has steadily increased over time.

40% Increase in P&O Costs, 2007 - 2016


Partnership Benefits

POMAC offers health plans across the U.S. a partnership program which will allow them to control costs, simplify the administration of their P&O Provider Network and improve geographic coverage, while maintaining a high standard of medical care.

Simplifying the Administration of Your P&O Provider Network

We offer you a single point of contact for contracting, credentialing, and billing.

Enhancing P&O Provider Coverage in Remote Areas

We can recruit new P&O Providers in rural or less populated areas, to fill coverage gaps.

Managing and Reducing P&O Provider Network Costs

We monitor utilization of high cost micro-processor prosthetics and custom orthotics.

Ensuring Quality P&O Medical Care

We ensure recruited P&O Providers, including practitioner and office personnel, meet state licensing and national certification standards.

Partnering with Experienced Specialists in P&O

We have over 20 years of experience in managing P&O Provider Networks, and are currently managing networks for state-wide and multi-state health plans.